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Eugene Horvath's Profile Photo

Eugene Horvath

President and Owner

Kevin Kropf's Profile Photo

Kevin Kropf

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Ohling's Profile Photo

Courtney Ohling

Production Roofing Manager

Cody Keen's Profile Photo

Cody Keen

Commercial & Low Slope Residential Manager

Shannon Potter's Profile Photo

Shannon Potter

Office and Human Resources Manager

Lauren Gibson's Profile Photo

Lauren Gibson

Office Assistant & Insurance Liaison

Kurt Gates's Profile Photo

Kurt Gates

Senior Commercial / Residential Consultant

Bruce Cloud's Profile Photo

Bruce Cloud

Senior Consultant | Residential and Commercial Roofing

Brett Rossbeck's Profile Photo

Brett Rossbeck

Senior Consultant | Residential and Commercial Roofing

Dennis Marks's Profile Photo

Dennis Marks

Residential and Commercial Construction Manager

Don Berger's Profile Photo

Don Berger

Residential & Low Slope Consultant

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